New Game Modes Aim to Give Vampyr Some More Bite

Back in June, DONTNOD Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive released¬†Vampyr, an action-RPG set in early twentieth century London. Players who were hesitant to take the plunge specifically due to the combat elements in this otherwise narrative-driven title may soon have reason to reconsider. The developer is releasing a content update which, in addition to several general optimization tweaks, will add two new free game modes. Story mode de-emphasizes combat, making it easier and allowing players to focus more on Dr. Reid’s dark adventure. Meanwhile, Hard mode will do the opposite, amping up the difficulty of combat while reducing experience gains from it to give players a meatier challenge.

The update will be released later this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, giving those who’ve already played the game an additional reason to return to it. For new adopters, the game is currently on sale for 25% off its price on Steam and as part of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale, though the latter is only available in EMEA countries.


Pascal Tekaia

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