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Star Ocean: The Divine Force Environments Showcased

Square Enix followed the recent reveal of Star Ocean: The Divine Force with a new environment showcase video. RPGamers can get a quick sneak peek at some of the places they will be able to adventure in next year.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Announced

Square Enix and tri-Ace unveiled a brand new Star Ocean game. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is heading to PC and consoles next year.

Star Ocean: First Departure R Lands on Consoles

The remaster of the remake of the first Star Ocean game has arrived. Star Ocean: First Departure R is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with Square Enix providing a new launch trailer.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shutting Down in November

The international version of Star Ocean’s free-to-play smartphone title is shutting down in November. In-app purchases have been suspended, though the game will otherwise remain fully playable until its service ends.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Out Now

Star Ocean’s free-to-play mobile RPG is out now on iOS and Android in North America and Europe. Though Anamnesis’ characters may be far away, some familiar faces will be able to help them out.