Star Ocean: The Divine Force Mission Report Details D.U.M.A., Vanguard Assault

Square Enix released the second “Mission Report” video for the upcoming Star Ocean: The Divine Force. The six-minute video introduces the D.U.M.A. and Vanguard Assault. D.U.M.A. is an AI robot carried by protagonist Raymond’s starship when the ship is destroyed by a Federation battleship, but comes with him down to planet Aster IV in his escape pod. It is sentient and has unclear intentions, dragging the game’s cast into a wider story.

Meanwhile, Vanguard Assault is a feature built into D.U.M.A. that grants special abilities. One of these is flight, which lets freely explore their environments. Players can find numerous items around the world, including gems that power D.U.M.A.’s abilities. D.U.M.A. can also scan for treasure and interactive objects, and assist in combat by letting players unleash special abilities unique to each character. It grants players the ability to blindside enemies and leave them vulnerable to attack.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force lets players choose which of the two main characters — Raymond Lawrence and Laeticia Aucerius — to be the primary protagonist, and the game unfolds from their perspective. Each character will be joined by different companions through the game.  Like previous entries, the game features an action combat system. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will release physically and digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27, 2022.



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