Star Ocean: The Divine Force Heads to Launch With Final Mission Report

Square Enix released the final part of its Mission Report video series for Star Ocean: The Divine Force ahead of the game’s launch tomorrow. The ten-minute video covers some of the game’s story elements and boss battles, as well as providing some combat tips for players.

The game is set on the remote planet Aster IV, where the Vey’l Empire seeks to conquer the Kingdom of Aucerius. However, the story soon expands into a galaxy-wide threat with various mysteries, including lifeforms called the Scorpium, which are neither carbon nor silicon-based. The video also introduces additional characters and showcasing controllable party members Theo and J.J..

Duing the game, players will encounter numerous bosses. Some of these bosses will have weak points, which are often hidden from view and need to be uncovered. Players will be able to use Elena’s special ability to learn about about potential weak points. Players can also destroy some enemies’ body parts, which can prevent them from using attacks, let players blindside them more easily, or obtain rare items. The game will have a special challenge dungeon, the Den’mohr Devle, which is dedicated to boss fights and lets players level up or obtain rare items quickly.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force lets players choose which of the two main characters to be the primary protagonist, and the game unfolds from their perspective. Like previous entries, the game features an action combat system. It also includes seamless transition from exploration — which includes the ability to take to the air — into combat. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will release physically and digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27, 2022.



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