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First Trailer for Metal Max Xeno: Reborn

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn has a first trailer depicting scenes and gameplay from the game, including the return of battle dog Pochi. The game is a remake of last year’s entry in the long-running tank RPG franchise.

Metal Max Xeno Gets Reborn

Kadokawa Games has announced three Metal Max projects ahead of the series’ 30th anniversary in a couple of years. Metal Max Xeno is getting both a remake and a sequel, with a series reboot also in early development.

Metal Max Xeno Review

For far too long, western audiences have been left without the opportunity to battle a brontosaur merged with a battleship. Unfortunately, some creepy characters and a lack of balance detract from Metal Max Xeno’s entertaining oddities.

Metal Max Xeno Review

Metal Max is an intriguing concept for an RPG, centered around vehicular tank combat in a blasted post-apocalyptic urban setting. Western audiences haven’t seen much of this series in the past, and Xeno’s awkward narrative and obtuse technical systems aren’t going to change that anytime soon.

Metal Max Xeno Out Now in North America

A new Metal Max is finally available in North America, and reaching Europe at the end of the week. Metal Max Xeno’s release comes with the traditional launch trailer.

Metal Max Xeno Impression

In the heavy, grim, metal, dark future of humanity, the only thing a guy can trust is his tank. So get the sand out of those treads and apply it to yourself, because you’ll need all the grit you can muster to survive.

Metal Max Xeno Shows Some Tank Combat

With Metal Max Xeno just over a month away, NIS America has released a new trailer highlighting its tank-based combat. Some encounters can be dealt with rather quicker than others.

Metal Max Xeno Set for September

North America and Europe are finally receiving a mainline Metal Max game. Kadokawa Games’ Metal Max Xeno is making the trip west at the end of September.

Metal Max Xeno Details Character Classes

Metal Max Xeno releases this week in Japan, receiving one last batch of info and screenshots. Those waiting for its western release later this year can at least read up on the game’s character classes.

Metal Max Xeno Details Tank Customisation

Now this latest batch of screenshots for Xeno has what I’ve been taught to expect from the Metal Max series. Namely, a massive dinosaur fused with a battleship.

Metal Max Xeno Receives New Trailer

The third Japanese trailer for Metal Max Xeno has arrived. The game arrives in the country next month, though there are still no details on Kadokawa Games’ plans for a western release.

Metal Max Xeno Receives Various Vita Screenshots

The vast majority of Metal Max Xeno screenshots released so far has been from the game’s PS4 version. However, Kadokawa Games has now shown a large batch of images from its Vita edition.

Metal Max Xeno Introduces Ittica

Some more details have emerged for Metal Max Xeno ahead of its upcoming release in Japan. New character Ittica is introduced, as well as a new tank based on one being developed in the real world.

Western Release Planned for Metal Max Xeno

Though Kadokawa Games isn’t ready to offer any details, it is planning for a western release of Metal Max Xeno. It would be only the second game in the twenty-seven-year-old series to make the trip, following PS2 spin-off Metal Saga.