Metal Max Xeno Details Tank Customisation

Kadokawa Games has released some new screenshots and details for its upcoming Metal Max Xeno, primarily focusing on customising tanks using special Trait Chips. These chips can be equipped to a tank’s chassis, and can be found through enemy drops and in various containers. There are two types of chips: ones that provide more attacking options, and others that provide passive bonuses.

The company provided two scenarios where Trait Chips prove especially useful. The first features a floating, jellyfish-style enemy called Griftro. Due to its aerial nature, standard weaponry is ineffective aagainst Griftro; however, equipping an Anti-Aircraft Capability chip will allow the player’s tanks to successfully target and damage it.

The second example is against the giant Warship Saurus and Mothership Saurus enemies, which are effectively dinosaurs combined with battleships. Due their size and armour, players will needed to maximise their firepower to do any significant damage. Grand Rush is an attack chip that can do just that, letting players fire all their weapons simultaneously.

Kadokawa Games also revealed a new tank appearing in the game. The Type 10 Revised is based on the JSDF’s main battle tank. Metal Max Xeno is set to be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on April 19, 2018. Kadokawa Games has stated that it is planning a western release, but no details have been given.



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