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More Konosuba RPG Details Emerge

New info surfaces for the RPG spin-off of an anime that makes fun of RPG stereotypes. Konosuba has a lengthy title and will release next March in Japan.

NIS America Announces Its Final Physical Vita Releases

NIS America’s Vita releases from earlier this year originally came as digital-only. However, the publisher will be offering a chance for RPGamers to pick up physical Vita copies of The Lost Child, Penny-Punching Princess, and The Longest 5 Minutes.

Persona 3 and 5 Dancing to Some Demos

The record isn’t quite ready to drop, but Atlus is releasing some singles ahead of the pair of Persona Dancing titles. PlayStation 4 owners can jam to them now.

KonoSuba Dungeon RPG Announced

A dungeon RPG based based on the light novel and anime series KonoSuba has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. No official title or release date has been set yet.

Persona 3 and 5’s Dancers Introduced

The members of SEES and the Phantom Thieves showcase their moves in the latest English trailers for Persona’s upcoming rhythm spin-offs. RPGamers will be able to dance in moonlight and starlight with them this December.

Stardew Valley Review

Stardew Valley combines the best ideas in farming simulation games from the past two decades. The game is even greater than the sum of its parts, making it a multi-platform success accessible to both casual and hardcore RPGamers.