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Metal Dogs Gets Its First DLC

Developer 24Frame revealed action RPG Metal Dogs’s first DLC. Metal Dogs EX QUEST01: Here Comes the Metal Enemies is currently available and adds new quests, news monsters, new items, and more.

RPG Maker Fes Servers Closing in March

NIS America announced that RPG Maker Fes’s servers will be shutting down alongside the 3DS eShop. RPGamers have until the end of March to download any games they wish to play.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn Review

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn claims to provide an open-world sandbox of vehicular mayhem. Unfortunately, technical problems and confounding gameplay changes undermine the campy charm of this post-apocalyptic series.

Cygames Acquires Metal Max IP

The 30-year-old Metal Max franchise has changed hands again. Cygames has acquired the IP from Kadokawa Games, though series creator Hiroshi Miyaoka will continue to work on it.

Metal Dogs Review

How much is that doggy in the wasteland? The one with the cute, curly tail? How much is that doggy in the wreckage? He blasts mutant ants without fail.

Metal Max: Wild West Cancelled

Kadokawa Games announced it has cancelled development of Metal Max: Wild West. The game was originally announced as a sequel to Metal Max Xeno: Reborn.

Relayer Physical Release Set for May

Red Art Games is partnering with Clouded Leopard Entertainment to release a physical edition of Relayer in the west. Physical copies will ship in May, following game’s digital launch next week.

Relayer Season Pass Detailed

Mecha tactical RPG Relayer will be getting some post-launch content. Kadokawa Games detailed what will be included in the game’s Season Pass.

Relayer Japanese Demo Announced

Kadokawa Games’ strategy RPG Relayer is getting a Japanese demo this week. The full game will be releasing worldwide in a month’s time.

RPG Maker Unite Announced

A new entry in the RPG Maker series is releasing this year. RPG Maker Unite will see the creation suite utilising the Unity engine.

Relayer Receives New Videos

A new Japanese trailer for Kadokawa Games’ mecha strategy RPG Relayer shows many of the game’s pilots. Meanwhile, Clouded Leopard Entertainment released a English version of its introduction trailer.

Relayer Releasing Globally in March

Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Kadokawa Games announced a new release date for tactical sci-fi RPG Relayer. The game will now hit PS4 and PS5 in March, and it will be a simultaneous global launch.

Demon Gaze Extra Release Pushed Back

Clouded Leopard Entertainment announced a delay for the western release of Demon Gaze Extra. Previously planned to release next week, the game will now arrive in January.