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Metal Max Xeno Shows Some Tank Combat

With Metal Max Xeno just over a month away, NIS America has released a new trailer highlighting its tank-based combat. Some encounters can be dealt with rather quicker than others.

God Wars 2 Announced

The God Wars are returning although there isn’t a lot of information for it yet. Instead, a brief introduction to two new characters will have to suffice.

The Lost Child Review

Kadokawa Games’ follow-up-slash-spin-off to El Shaddai takes things in a rather different gameplay direction. Though the spirit-summoning dungeon-crawler invites some obvious comparisons, there are enough distinguishing elements to make it worth a look.

The Lost Child Arrives in North America

Kadokawa Games’ dungeon-crawling RPG The Lost Child is out now in North America. The game arrives on console, handheld, and hybrid with a launch trailer appearing with it.

The Lost Child E3 Impression

The Lost Child arrives in North America in only a couple days, and RPGamer got to try it out a few days before it’s official launch. See what’s in store for those who want to dive into the life of an occult reporter who sees a little too much of the world around him.

New Clip for The Lost Child Has Layers

In the latest video clip leading up to The Lost Child’s release, Lua details one of the game’s key concepts. Layers are invisible dungeons hidden all over Tokyo, filled with demons.

Metal Max Xeno Set for September

North America and Europe are finally receiving a mainline Metal Max game. Kadokawa Games’ Metal Max Xeno is making the trip west at the end of September.

The Lost Child Introduces Two Fallen Angels

RPGamers can become embroiled a holy feud between angels, demons, and fallen angels next month when The Lost Child releases. A new video introduces a pair of characters who fall in the last of those categories.

The Lost Child Finds Some Gameplay

Plenty of RPGs have a mystery at their core, but few have the main character play as a journalist. Add in a good helping of dungeon-crawling demon combat and that’s a winning situation.

Metal Max Xeno Details Character Classes

Metal Max Xeno releases this week in Japan, receiving one last batch of info and screenshots. Those waiting for its western release later this year can at least read up on the game’s character classes.

The Lost Child Shows Its Astrals

The Lost Child has a new trailer focusing on the mysterious beings known as Astrals. Any similarities with other groups of supernatural entities are purely coincidental.

Metal Max Xeno Details Tank Customisation

Now this latest batch of screenshots for Xeno has what I’ve been taught to expect from the Metal Max series. Namely, a massive dinosaur fused with a battleship.