New Metal Saga Officially Announced, Metal Max: Wild West Delayed in Japan

Success and Kadokawa Games provided new updates on two upcoming Metal Max titles. The first is the official announcement of Success’ new Metal Saga title. The game, originally revealed under the name Project Wolf, is titled Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka. It is being developed for Nintendo Switch, with other platforms under consideration.

Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka is set in a world where the threat of NOA — a supercomputer that attempted to wipe out humanity to prevent ecological ruin — is no longer present. Instead, humanity is under threat from people filled with greed. The game is centred around a town called Rusty Garden and the headquarters of the Heaven’s Wall resistance faction. Players can choose a male or female protagonist and can also build their own villa on a small island. Potential monster encounters are visible on the map, with the game transitioning into combat in the field.

The other announcement is that Metal Max: Wild West has been pushed back to 2022 in Japan. The game is being developed by 24Frame and Cattle Call for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and was initially unveiled as Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2, a follow-up to Metal Max Xeno: Reborn. Metal Max: Wild West follows a new protagonist and is set in a dried-up lake, with a number of enemies from Metal Max 2 set to appear.


Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rouka Announcement Trailer


Full Livestream (Japanese only)



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