Metal Max Xeno Details Character Classes

With Metal Max Xeno releasing this week in Japan, Kadokawa Games revealed more details and screenshots for the game. The details primarily focus on character classes, which players can change and develop, as well as detailing a few character-specific skills and some equipment and weight mechanics.

The first class detailed is the Hunter class, the starting class of main protagonist Taris. Hunters are decent at hand-to-hand fighting, but excel when in a vehicle. Two special Hunter skills are sniping, which lets them target an enemy’s weak point, and making themselves a decoy. The Mechanic class is Yokki’s starting class; focused on repairing vehicles, Mechanics are poor at fighting on foot but good when in a vehicle. Two Mechanic-specific skills are a wrench attack, which reduces the defences of mechanical enemies, and a hazardous repair that fixes up a vehicle but puts the Mechanic in danger.



Toni and Ittica’s starting class is Survivor, which has good survivability and recovery skills but isn’t very good at fighting. Survivors are able to heal multiple people at once, as well as throw smokescreen grenades to reduce enemy accuracy. Maria’s starting class is Soldier, which is best at hand-to-hand combat, but not very good at vehicle combat. Soldiers are able to attack twice with their equipped weapons and use an increased damage vehicle attack that may cause the weapon to break.

The penultimate class details the Gangster, Dylan’s starting class. Gangsters have good power both in hand-to-hand and vehicle combat, but lack speed. They also have the abilities to unleash a series of quick attacks by flinging items at the enemy, and can attack multiple enemies at once. Finally, the Medic is Misaki’s initial class. Specialised in healing, the Medic can also be effective against biological-type enemies. One skill automatically detects a biological monster’s weak point, and another can heal over half the health of weakened allies.

As well as class-based skills, characters also have their own personal skills. One of these is a metamorphosis skill unique to Ittica. This causes her to take on the appearance and attributes of another character (but doesn’t copy their skills). Meanwhile, Taris can intercept bullets fired by enemy machines, building up the energy from them into an electrical counterattack.



Metal Max Xeno also has prototype weaponry that can be found in the field by the player. This weaponry, known as Nephtech Equipment, is reversed-engineered from the NOA that is trying to eradicate humanity but was lost before it could be used. Players can pick up radar signals from the weaponry, allowing them to find it in the field. However, it has a defense mechanism that must be defeated before it can be obtained and equipped.

Though players will want to make their vehicles as powerful as possible, they must take weight of equipment into consideration as vehicles will have a weight limit. Lightweight parts may allow for more powerful attacks, but will also take damage much more easily. Players will be able to find special alloys to produce parts that provide the extra defence without the extra weight.

Metal Max Xeno releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on April 19, 2018. NIS America will be releasing the game in North America and Europe, but only the PlayStation 4 version.



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