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Disgaea 1 Complete Review

Disgaea 1 Complete adds little as far as new content goes, but the classic gameplay and story return. Does it hold up after all these years, or is it merely just a fresh paint job slapped onto a vintage title that shows its age?


Metal Max Xeno Out Now in North America

A new Metal Max is finally available in North America, and reaching Europe at the end of the week. Metal Max Xeno’s release comes with the traditional launch trailer.


NIS America Drops Stealthy Flonne Trailer

Watch the angel trainee battle moral decisions in a character spotlight trailer. Flonne returns in Disgaea 1 Complete, releasing later this year.


Labyrinth of Refrain Introduces Puppets

Rather than risking her own health venturing into the depths of the Labyrinth of Refrain, Dronya has decided to use living puppets for the job. Two new trailers from NIS America help give an overview of the puppets and their creation.


NIS America Offers a Trio of Trailers

Prepare to take over the underworld, enjoy a curious puppet show, and learn how to create your RPG masterpiece. NIS America is treating fans to trailers for three upcoming releases.


Metal Max Xeno Shows Some Tank Combat

With Metal Max Xeno just over a month away, NIS America has released a new trailer highlighting its tank-based combat. Some encounters can be dealt with rather quicker than others.