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Freedom Wars Review

In the far future, mankind is restricted to living in giant city-states, where everyone is expected to do their utmost to help out, or else. So make sure to contribute to the Greater Good of Reykjavik, or another lesser Panopticon if you so wish, today.

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Retroview

Humans and Deimos are on a collision course, with both sides seeking to draw blood forevermore. The resulting game does a lot of things right, but never addresses what happened to Phobos in this naming convention.

Dark Cloud 2 Retroview

The usual response when confronted with a dark cloud would be to seek cover and hope for the best. In this case it would seem running right into the maelstrom is the recommended course of action.
I’m a grumpy guy, apparently.

Dark Cloud Retroview

Getting caught under a cloud that keeps raining isn’t much fun, but at least jumping in puddles can be entertaining. Some dark clouds offer even fewer chances for good times.
What’s that, you wanted FEWER than fifteen floors for the first dungeon? Ha ha ha ha!

White Knight Chronicles II Review

The board has been set, but will the White Knight and his allies emerge victorious? Read the verdict on whether Level-5 has managed to improve upon its first effort for the PS3.

Folklore Review

An action adventure game with RPG element, players control either Ellen or Keats and gain abilities by capturing Folk IDs from enemies using the SIXAXIS controller.