Horizon Call of the Mountain Protagonist Detailed

Sony, Guerrilla Games, and Firesprite released more details for Horizon Call of the Mountain, the upcoming VR spin-off to the Horizon series. The new information introduces the game’s new protagonist, Ryas, who players will control when the game launches for PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023.

Ryas’s backstory involves the Carja Sundom tribe. The Carja were responsible for the Red Raids, a series of raids and ritual sacrifice on other tribes, which ended when its Mad Sun-King Jiran was overthrown by his Avad. This caused the Carja to splinter, with those loyal to Jiran reforming as the Carja in Shadow and taking over the citadel at Sunfall. Ryas was one of those loyal soldiers, but allowed himself to be captured. After being spared execution by the Carja, he has been recruited by Avad to investigate a potential new threat in exchange for his freedom.

Ryas will meet and join up with a variety of other characters, some of whom will be antagonist to him thanks to his past. One example is Hami, who was spared the Red Raids thanks to being a border guards. She is unable to forgive the atrocities of the Shadow Carja, which caused the deaths of many of her friends, but is tasked with escorting Ryas, which she resents.


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