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PlayStation 5 Launch Date, Pricing Revealed

Sony announced the launch date and pricing for the PlayStation 5. The console will launch in November, with Sony also announcing the PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of PS4 games freely accessible on the PS5 for PS Plus members.

Sony Future of Gaming Presentation Round-Up

Sony held its Future of Gaming presentation today, focusing on many titles coming to the PlayStation 5, as well as showing the new console itself. Included in the presentation were numerous RPGs, including a Demon’s Souls remake and Horizon Forbidden West.

Sony Shows Some PlayStation 4 RPGs at ChinaJoy

The ChinaJoy expo is running this week in Shanghai. Sony is present at the event and held a pre-event press conference to showcase some upcoming Chinese-developed titles that are coming to PlayStation 4 as part of the PlayStation China Hero Project.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Available Now

World of Final Fantasy Maxima has arrived. RPGamers can now use their gil reserves to check out the new features that have been added to Square Enix’s adorable stacking RPG.

Sony Preparing a PlayStation Classic

Sony is putting its hat into the mini retro-console game with the newly announced PlayStation Classic. Memory cards are not included, but fortunately are also not needed.

PlayStation LineUp Tour Presentation Round-Up

Sony held its annual pre-TGS presentation showing some upcoming PlayStation titles. A number of RPGs appeared, including new teasers for projects from CyGames and Studio Istolia, a Final Fantasy remaster, a release date for God Eater 3, and a brand new title from the studio behind Yakuza.

Arc the Lad R Out Now in Japan

It’s only been a few weeks since its official unveiling, but Arc the Lad R is out now in Japan. The free-to-play title is a reboot for the series, set ten years after the events of the second game.

ForwardWorks Announces Arc the Lad R

ForwardWorks has made the official reveal of its previously-announced Arc the Lad title. No date has been announced for release, but there is a couple of trailers for the mobile tactical RPG.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Deep Look

In Guerrilla Games’ expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy brings her particular brand of bowmanship north of the mountains, into the Banuk’s frozen territory. The Cut offers a major new foe, new allies, and new machines to pit her skills against.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

What’s more metal than angry robot dinosaurs? While they may be what draws everyone in, it’s Guerilla Games’ amazing tale of dramatic struggle, sacrifice, and compassion that steals the show in this stellar game.

Bloodborne Review

From Software arrives on the current gen scene with an action RPG in the vein of the Souls series. Has it retread too much ground or can the game stand on its own merits?

Freedom Wars Review

In the far future, mankind is restricted to living in giant city-states, where everyone is expected to do their utmost to help out, or else. So make sure to contribute to the Greater Good of Reykjavik, or another lesser Panopticon if you so wish, today.

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Retroview

Humans and Deimos are on a collision course, with both sides seeking to draw blood forevermore. The resulting game does a lot of things right, but never addresses what happened to Phobos in this naming convention.

Dark Cloud 2 Retroview

The usual response when confronted with a dark cloud would be to seek cover and hope for the best. In this case it would seem running right into the maelstrom is the recommended course of action.
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