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Lost Soul Aside Gets New Trailer

A new trailer for Lost Soul Aside gives a quick glimpse of some of the action RPG’s gameplay elements. In addition, developer Ultizero Games confirmed Sony is acting as its publisher.

Demeo Heading to PSVR2, PS5

Tabletop-emulating title Demeo is coming to PS5 and PSVR2. Those who pick up the game when it launches next year will get access to both VR and non-VR versions.

Stellar Blade Set to Launch Next Year

Project Eve has a new title and release window. The action RPG, now known as Stellar Blade, will launch next year and be a PS5 console exclusive.

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Tremortusks, Tiderippers, and Dreadwings, oh my! Aloy is back and she’s traveling to the Forbidden West. Does her journey involve saving the world and punching new mechasaurs? Absolutely.

Horizon Forbidden West Gets Challenging

With weeks to go before Horizon Forbidden West’s release, Guerrilla Games has released a new trailer showcasing many dangers in the game. It won’t be long before players get to experience them firsthand.

Sony to Acquire Bungie

Another studio acquisition has been announced. Sony is acquiring Destiny developer Bungie, though the studio states this will not change the platforms for its current and upcoming releases.