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PlayStation 3, Vita Digital Stores to Remain Open

Voices have been heard, and two of Sony’s digital storefronts have received a reprieve. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita’s digital stores will remain open, says CEO Jim Ryan, while the PSP’s will still be shut down as planned.

Rainbow Skies Gets Narrated Gameplay, Release

Five years and an entire PlayStation later, Rainbow Skies has made its way to all the surviving PlayStation platforms. Since that’s a long time, SideQuest Studios has put together a lengthy demonstration of what the game has to offer.

Rainbow Skies Arrives in June

Five years after its initial announcement, tactical RPG Rainbow Skies is nearly ready for release. The game hits a trio of PlayStation platforms next month.

Yakuza 5 Review

Sega released quite possibly the best Christmas gift for editor Sam Wachter. It may involve hostess clubs, bicycle murder, and… dance battles? Bless you, Sega. Bless you!

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord Review

Tears to Tiara II’s lengthy story sequences failed to impress RPGamer’s tactical aficionado. However, does it fare any better in the eyes of one of the site’s visual novel fans?

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Review

After thirty five hours of Ar NoSurge, editor Sam Marchello has perfected all of the synthesis dances. Is there video footage? Well, she hopes not.

Fairy Fencer F Review

Complaints levelled at previous Compile Heart games include some frustrating difficulty and slow pace. The company appears to have taken that message to heart for Fairy Fencer F, but does this new franchise show enough promise and depth to stick around?

Battle Princess of Arcadias Review

CRASH. BANG. BOOM. SMACK. CRUNCH. Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi! ZORK! KA-POW! BIFF! BAP! POW! Well then, now that this review has been beaten into shape, it’s time to see how Princess Plume faired against the dreaded, diabolical, and dazzling Lady Marshmallow: Crusher of Dreams, Xena enthusiast, and lover of the Batusi.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Review

When something is a Plus, it’s not a port, a remake, or a remaster. It’s an older game synthesized with materials like more playable characters, new assignments, and the always useful magic points. Gust’s goal was to craft something more fun than the original, but there’s always the risk of creating a Broken Item.

Drakengard 3 Review

This silence was mine, but now it can be yours, too. Come join Zero and her band of sex-crazed misfits as they seek to kill her siblings.

Dark Souls II Review

Dark Souls II marks the third entry in From Software’s series of action RPGs. Investigate within to discover if this game truly has soul, or if it has forgotten the face of its father.

Child of Light

Child of Light PS3 Review

Ubisoft Montreal has created a love letter to the JRPG. But did they pay the genre a strong homage? Find out in our review.