RPG Backtrack Episode 188: D2 The Mighty Prinnies

Once upon a time we managed to sustain an episode of the Backtrack that talked about Disgaea for an astoundingly long time.  Even more games in the series have been released since then, but this time our ruminations aren’t quite so sprawling.

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3 Responses

  1. Budai Budai says:

    3 hrs? This has potential. But it’s probably impossible to top the original, the best, 5 hr disgaea episode. Which I remember part of it had to be recorded, so it it was more like a full 6 hours. And wheels was asleep through half of it. I’m going to get a good nights rest, and this will basically be what I’m dialing into in the morning. Can’t wait.

  2. wheels wheels says:

    I wasn’t asleep through half of that one! Just the Disgaea 2 bits.

  3. Budai Budai says:

    Could be wrong, but I don’t think this one ever showed up on iTunes. Easy enough to listen to it here, but I don’t know if all listeners check this.

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