Tales of Arise, Tales of Crestoria Get TGS Trailers

Bandai Namco released new trailers for both Tales of Arise and Tales of Crestoria at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The Tales of Arise trailer focuses on the game’s two main characters Alphen and Shionne with an additional character teased at the end, who appears to be accompanied by a small, flying creature. Meanwhile, spin-off Tales of Crestoria’s video showcases its turn-based combat system.

Tales of Arise is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is set to be released in 2020. The game is set on sister planets Dahna and Reno, with Dahna being under the subjugation of Reno for the past 300 years. Alphen, who hails from Dahna, is numb to pain while the touch of Shionne, from Reno, causes pain in others.

Tales of Crestoria is being developed for iOS and Android and is set to be released worldwide this year. The game features an original main scenario featuring original characters, but will also include characters from other games in the series. These versions of the characters are treated as part of the world of Tales of Crestoria and will be involved in new stories involving different characters.




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