RPG Cast – Episode 550: “Gamer Girl Glue”

The last two weeks have had an interesting mix of news, and it just might break Chris by the end of the show. Anna Marie is hijacking the Question of the Week, but it’s definitely a unique question! Alex stealths his way into the cast alongside Kelley and Peter. How is it still only July?

Question of the Week
What games can you play one-handed?

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  1. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    A couple suggestions:
    1. Any of the DQ mobile ports. I played through every single one of them and while some control better than others, they can all be done 1-handed.
    2. A ton of games on iOS. I’ve enjoyed empire building games (stuff like Civ VI) on iPads a lot. Made perfectly for 1 finger/hand operation.

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