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Dragon’s Crown Pro Release Date Announced

There may be a good chance that Atlus and Vanillaware may have announced a release date for a title that may be coming out soon. For those out there who may want to play an updated Dragon’s Crown there may now be a day to do so. Maybe.

Dragon’s Crown Pro Teams Up

Dragon’s Crown is best with friends and the upcoming remaster will soon be the most modern way to experience the game with them. A new trailer gives some examples of all the fun there is to be had.

Dragon’s Crown Vita Review

There was a time when evil creatures walked the land and had to be indiscriminately slain by whatever adventurers could handle the job. Even though they’re invariably evil, these creatures look pretty impressive thanks to intricate Vanillaware sprites. Painful ouch infliction.

Dragon’s Crown PS3/Vita Review

Dragon’s Crown doesn’t believe in physics or biology, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Find out what to expect from Vanillaware’s brawler/RPG hybrid in RPGamer’s official review.

GrimGrimoire Review

Accepted into an academy for learning magic, Lillet Blan quickly finds herself surrounded by a number of students and teachers with their own plans and aspirations, most of which typically go beyond simply learning or teaching magic.