GrimGrimoire OnceMore Announced for Japan

Nippon Ichi Software announced a remaster of Vanillaware’s PlayStation 2 title GrimGrimoire, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in Japan this week. GrimGrimoire OnceMore will release in Japan on July 28, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A western release for the remaster has not been announced.

GrimGrimoire is a fantasy 2D real-time strategy title starring Lillet Blan, a student at the Silver Star Tower’s magic academy. The academy is run by Gammel Dore, a legendary magician who sealed away a devil and defeated the Archmage whose tower it used to be. The game takes place over a five-day period as incidents start occurring around the academy leading to its destruction. Lillet is able to travel back in time and relive those five days while attempting to avert the disaster.



GimGrimoire’s combat sees Lillet using magic to summon familiars. The game features four types of magic — Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy — as well as two types of familiars — Substance and Astral — with each having different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

In addition to upgraded graphics, the GrimGrimoire OnceMore remaster will include new voice overs and new features. The remaster will add four types of “Great Magic” that can be used a limited number of times but can turn the tide of combat, such as Mana Burst’s wide fire attack and Resurrection’s healing power. It will also add a new skill tree system and a gallery mode. Gameplay enhancements include a fast-forward for events and combat, a mid-battle save option, and an adjustment to the game’s hard difficulty option to make it more challenging.


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