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NIS America Announces New Titles

NIS America held its Showcase 2019 today, highlighting many upcoming releases for the next year. The presentation included some new announcements, including a 2020 PlayStation Vita release.

The Alliance Alive Review

The Legend of Legacy gave SaGa fans a spiritual successor when it released in 2015, and The Alliance Alive looks to follow it up in 2018. Can this latest evolution find a new lease on life, or is it dead on arrival?

The Alliance Alive Arrives on 3DS

Another title launching this week is The Alliance Alive. The latest spiritual successor to the SaGa series, the game is out now for 3DS in North America and Europe.

The Alliance Alive Introduces Its Combat

The Alliance Alive joins up in North America and Europe in just a couple of months. Atlus USA released a new trailer showing a few of its combat aspects.