RPGCast – Episode 461: “Female Napoleon Dynamite”

RPGamer is brand new, but does it do that woo woo circle thing? We find the answer to “What is the Dark Souls of Jurassic Park?” Someone loses a leg but still runs around headbutting enemies. And of course, we get baseball coaching lessons from a gangster.

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5 Responses

  1. mooserocka mooserocka says:

    I love rpg cast. I have listened for years.

  2. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    Yes! Podcasts Live!

    Man, Yakuza creates some of the best stories to tell other people about. Couple of nights ago, I recruited a professional baseball player to my team by catching a “tasty octopus” in the spearfishing game. I guess he was compelled by the power of good seafood? That series is so delightfully crazy and fun.

  3. sabin sabin says:

    Sorry for the delay on this. We recorded it last Saturday but it took me a long time to get podcasts working on the new site. We’re still only part way done with it. 🙂

  4. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    Can confirm: DQX on Switch is IP-locked to Japan.

  5. Because I’m a terrible pedantic: densetsu means legend in Japanese. Gaiden is the term for side-story.

    As for the new site: I like it! It’s definitely easier to work with. Surely I can find the time to do more work for RPGamer now, ha ha.

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