RPGamer Latest Updates

Kitaria Fables Giveaway

RPGamer has been given the opportunity to give away six physical copies of Kitaria Fables, three each for PS4 and PS5. Entries are open until the end of September, though only those in the conterminous United States are eligible to win.

Actraiser Renaissance Released

One of the Nintendo Direct’s surprise reveals was a remaster for Super Nintendo title Actraiser. The remaster, dubbed Actraiser Renaissance, is even available now on PC, mobiles, PS4, and Switch.

Kickstarter Check-In: Keylocker, Hero.EXE

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at two ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features Moonana’s Keylocker, as well as Top Hat Studios and Mystery Egg Games’ Hero.EXE.

Evertried Releasing in October

DANGEN Entertainment announced a release date for Evertried. The isometric rogue-lite tactical RPG will arrive on PC and consoles next month.

RPG Backtrack 242 – This Quest Goes to Eleven

We gushed about Dragon Quest’s first game earlier in the year to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary.  Now it’s time to express our thoughts about the latest entry, Dragon Quest XI, with guests David and Pascal, plus a special recording from Andy.

New Release Round-Up (September 23, 2021)

This week’s brand new releases feature Lost Judgment; Get in the Car, Loser!; Kena: Bridge of Spirits; and Guild of Ascension. Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Z, Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend, and Alder’s Blood reach new platforms.

Alder’s Blood Xbox One Version, Update Released

Turn-based tactical RPG Alder’s Blood has arrived on Xbox One. The Xbox One release comes alongside a big Definitive Edition update for its existing PC and Switch versions.

Get in the Car, Loser! Released

Love Conquers All Games’ lesbian road-trip RPG Get in the Car, Loser! is out now. The game is is available for free, though those looking to pay some money can purchase an additional story chapter.

Guild of Ascension Out Now

Roguelite tactical action RPG Guild of Ascension is out now. The game is available on PC and follows two heroes attempting to climb a tower filled with threats.