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New Release Round-Up (August 18, 2022)

The week’s new releases include Thymesia, Spirit of the Island, and Across the Obelisk. Meanwhile, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, Cloudpunk, Tribes of Midgard, and Light Fairytale Episode 2 come to new platforms.

Roadwarden Arriving in September

Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment’s Roadwarden has a release date. The September date comes with a new demo for the text-based RPG.

Bear and Breakfast Review

In Bear and Breakfast players take on the role of a cute entrepreneurial bear and run multiple bed and breakfasts. Why would humans trust an ursine running a resort? Because he makes the experience bear-able.

Pascal’s Wager Gets New DLC

Action RPG Pascal’s Wager is getting new DLC. Dance of the Throne launches on mobile next week, with PC and Switch releases to follow.