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Terrorbane Demo Released on Steam

A free introductory demo is now available for Terrorbane. The meta-adventure RPG is currently planned to launch on PC and Switch early next year.

RPGamer Round-Up: October 10 – October 17

A busier editorial week includes new reviews for Lost Judgment, Gloomhaven, Phantom Brave, and The Amazing American Circus. On top of that, we were also able to get early looks at Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and the PC demo for Monster Hunter Rise.

RPG Cast

RPG Cast – Episode 605: “Have You Saved Recently?”

It’s a quiet news week before the big push of releases before the holiday gaming rush. Chris invites hate mail for his crazy views on Final Fantasy VII and Mario 64. Kelley discovers her friendship isn’t worth an iPad. And Anna Marie wants easy modes to actually be easy. Is that too much to ask? Wait…it IS a bunny!

Gloomhaven Review

Gloomhaven is the digital adaptation of the eponymous board game, including all the beloved aspects and adding new features. The battle system is great, but missions can become repetitive after a while.

Editorial à la Carte: Sushi Striker

Life is like a package of supermarket sushi. You might know what you’d like to get, but there will always be that one item in the corner of the box that you just don’t like. Will it be eel? Fish eggs? Eggplant? When the right ingredients come together, most anything is possible, even if we don’t have to like the results.

Starlight Alliance Released on PC, Switch

Starlight Alliance is now out digitally on PC and Switch. The third-person action RPG from origamihero games follows Lea and Cyris on a future Earth where humans and aliens live in sky cities above the inhospitable surface.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Impression

A demo is now available for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise ahead of its release in January. RPGamer’s Phil Willis was able to try out a little ahead of time.

Midnight Protocol Released

Iceberg Interactive and LuGus Studios’ Midnight Protocol is out now. The keyboard-only hacking RPG is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.