Meet the Cast of The Alliance Alive

NIS America has released a trailer that highlights the nine playable characters in the upcoming The Alliance Alive HD Remastered. Originally released on the 3DS, the newly remastered version will be heading to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In North America, the game releases October 8, 2019, with Japan receiving the game on October 10, 2019, finally arriving on European shores on October 11, 2019. A PC version has been announced, but no time frame has been provided.

In The Alliance Alive, nine playable characters form an unlikely union. Galil and Azura are childhood friends who are both part of the Night Raven resistance group. Renzo is the resistance informant, who also happens to look like a certain Final Fantasy VIII protagonist in shorts. Barbarosa owes a debt to Azura’s father and acts as the Night Raven’s muscle. Vivian is Daemon nobility, with Ignace acting as her personal butler. Gene is a member of the Signimancy Guild and Rachel is a mercenary hired by the guild. Lastly, Tiggy is a young girl who rides around in a giant mechanical duck called “Swan Song”.

Despite their differences, being from different races and creeds, these heroes join up and look to find a solution to the fractured world that was left behind in the wake of a Daemon invasion. The Alliance Alive is a turn-based RPG with a world map that features four lands separated by large bodies of water. Talent points awarded after battles can be used to strengthen characters’ stats, boost weapon affinities, add new abilities, or grant world map navigational buffs. Character progression is also handled by the Awakening system where skills are upgraded through multiple uses. There are five weapon types the characters use that trigger certain Awakening abilities for the characters wielding them.



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