New Outriders Presentation Highlights Campaign, Pyromancer

Publisher Square Enix and developer People Can Fly held the second Broadcast presentation for shooter RPG Outriders. The thirty-minute presentation included sections on the game’s main campaign, the Pyromancer class, and its music score.

Outriders‘ campaign utilises a “hub-and-spoke” structure, with settled areas leading into free-roam or combat-focused sections. The main story will push players down a particular path, but there will be sidequests and other content that takes them into additional areas. Sidequests and their rewards will scale to the player’s level. Many sidequests will include narrative elements and reveal more about the game’s world and lore. In the campaign, players will have their own truck and crew, which they will be able to check on in the hub areas. They will provide many of the services one can expect to find in an RPG town.

The Pyromancer is one of four available classes in the game. As its name suggests, the Pyromancer makes heavy use of fire-based abilities and is ideal at dealing with hordes of enemies, working best from mid-range. Healing for the Pyromancer requires aggression as health restoration comes when an enemy dies while marked by one of their skills. As with other classes, the Pyromancer has an upgrade tree, where players can spend points earned from levelling up to customise their character’s powers.

Finally, Square Enix and People Can Fly revealed that the music for Outriders is being overseen by composer Inon Zur and uses a full orchestra. Inon Zur has previously worked on RPGs including Fallout, Dragon Age, and more.

Outriders is set on the planet Enoch, after Earth has been ruined and humanity has sent out ships to find a new potential home. Players control an eponymous Outrider, effectively an advance operative sent out to identify potential threats as well as to clear the planet for a full colonisation effort. Outriders will allow up to three players to join forces in drop-in and drop-out multiplayer and is set to launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in the 2020 holiday period.






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