RPGCast – Episode 504: “Officially Canon Girl”

RPGCast – Episode 504: “Officially Canon Girl”
A post-E3 slump won’t get this podcast down! The RPG Cast chats about Judgment, discusses what little news did trickle in during the week, and looks ahead to an exciting #JRPGJuly.

Question of the Week
JRPGJuly is coming! What game will you play for the month?

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6 Responses

  1. Gameresq Gameresq says:

    When playing FE Path Of Radiance, do not play on Easy mode if you intend to transfer save data into Radiant Dawn after. Nintendo was unable to fix the bug that prohibits it. If you want to transfer save data from Path Of Radiance to Radiant Dawn, your save file has to be Normal or Hard mode. (PoR is not one of the more challenging FE games, so Normal mode is entirely manageable even if you are new to the series). Enjoy!

    For JRPG July I will be playing Bloodstained and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 until Fire Emblem Three Houses releases. Three Houses is likely to take up the remainder of 2019 for me.

  2. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I’ve got it in my head that defeating Penance would be perfect for Switch, so for #JRPGJuly I’ll be grinding Monster Arena and things in Final Fantasy X to hopefully beat Penance before the 26th and Three Houses.

  3. Krull Krull says:

    For JRPG July, I’ve got two in mind. It’ll either be Trails in the Sky FC (on PSP) or Golden Sun Dark Dawn (DS on a 3DS). Not played either series before, so am pretty torn between the two. Be good to hear recommendations.

    • Gameresq Gameresq says:

      @Krull – I would recommend playing the Golden Sun games in order. Start with Golden Sun on GBA and then play Golden Sun The Lost Age on GBA. The story continues across each installment, so if you begin with Dark Dawn, you will be missing out on a lot. Enjoy the games—Golden Sun is a terrific series.

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: The JRPGJuly game I definitely know I’m playing, because I’ll be live streaming it, is Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. So hyped for early access!

    But I always have at least one game I play just for me (not live steamed or turned into a YouTube let’s play), and this JRPGJuly I’m torn between finally finishing Octopath (about halfway done with the Chapter 3s), starting Xenoblade 2’s Torna DLC, or starting Lost Sphear (I’m one of the weird ones that liked (not loved) I Am Setsuna and it’s soundtrack, but haven’t had time to play LS as much as I have been wanting to).

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