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PlayStation 3, Vita Digital Stores to Remain Open

Voices have been heard, and two of Sony’s digital storefronts have received a reprieve. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita’s digital stores will remain open, says CEO Jim Ryan, while the PSP’s will still be shut down as planned.

Brandish: The Dark Revenant Review

There was once a time when dungeon explorers could not see their own backs, no matter how many times they turned around. This game allows us to relive that time today.
Bringing back the crab walk.

End of Serenity Review

Dear Kemco: please try harder to make less generic games. Heck, add some dinosaurs, an excited child, and some attractions, and your game would be appealing. Or, y’know, the plot to Jurassic World. Which is better than this game.

Black Rock Shooter Review

When aliens drag humanity to the brink of extinction, only one robot has the moxie to fight back. Behind the dystopian dust and laser-light afterburn, she is sad and alone. She knows her story is not new, even though her fashion is cutting edge.

Mystic Chronicles Review

Many have predicted that mobile is the future for gaming. So does this previously mobile RPG have anything new to offer handheld RPGamers?

Class of Heroes 2 Review

Following in the tracks of another, more widely known first-person dungeon crawler series on handhelds, the second iteration of Class of Heroes is more about sticking to the established formula than making improvements. Does the formula still work, or like an alchemy recipe is it a waste of time and money?

Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl Retroview

Chop, chop, dig, dig, RRRRRRRRRR, GAAAAAAAAAH, are the sounds coming from this editor’s PSP. Why might you ask? Well, clearly it’s time for more Harvest Moon.

Elminage Original Review

Elminage is Original is the latest in a long line of Wizardry clones to come from Japanese developers. Read on to find out if traversing this game’s dungeons is a path towards excellence.

Ragnarok Tactics Review

After the release of one Ragnarok Online spin-off, the second has followed closely behind. Will Ragnarok Tactics be on the end of a better reception than its sibling?

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Review

After a somber reminder of PSP games that may never be heading west, it’s worth keeping in mind that others have made the trip over. RPGamer takes a look at Atlus’ latest arrival on the handheld.

Gungnir Review

In the newest entry from Sting’s Department of Heaven series, a young man marked with Stigmata uses a divine spear to fight the intolerance of an evil empire. It’s not as allegorical as it sounds.

Yes, Stigmata is supposed to be capitalized.

Fate/Extra Review

Longtime Type-Moon fans are going to like this no matter what we say. Archer’s in it! Saber has a -red- dress! Seriously though, Fate/EXTRA is an interesting study in classifying games. How does it succeed as an RPG? How does it succeed as something else entirely? What would it be like as a story instead of as a game? Dust. Wind. Dude.