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Fallout 76 Heads to Atlantic City

Bethesda Gameworks has announced an upcoming new Expedition coming to Fallout 76. Players will soon be able to head to the casino boardwalk of Atlantic City to let the good times roll.

Fallout 76 2022 Roadmap Revealed

Bethesda Softworks is continuing to support Fallout 76 with new content through 2022. The developer provided a roadmap letting players know what awaits.

Fallout 76 Gets 2021 Roadmap

Bethesda still has additional content planned for Fallout 76. The game will be receiving new updates across the next four seasons.

Fallout 76 Gets Steel Dawn Trailer

Fallout 76’s free update, Steel Dawn, is now available on all platforms that carry the RPG. With the update comes the return of the Brotherhood of Steel and a slew of new features for RPGamers to jump into.

Fallout 76 2020 Update Roadmap Revealed

Now that the Wastelanders update is out, Bethesda is looking to further additions to Fallout 76. The primary change is a complete revamp of the game’s Challenge system, which will be replaced by Seasons.

Bethesda Details Upcoming Fallout 76 Updates

Bethesda has revealed its roadmap for updating Fallout 76 in 2019. The free updates will begin with Wild Appalachia, which, among other things, adds new quests and the new Survival game mode.


RPGCast – “Game Of The Year 2018”

It’s time for way too many people to get on a Skype call and debate the following. How much is Wheels is wrong? What decade will the Final Fantasy VII remake will come out? And most importantly, what did we do to deserve Metal Max Xeno and The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2?

Fallout 76 Getting Survival Mode

Fallout 76 is getting a Survival mode. The new mode will bring a greater focus to PvP, with all other players automatically marked as hostile.

Fallout 76 Gets Spooky

Halloween may be gone now but some scares still linger. Hear how the good folks of Vault 76 gave themselves some scares during their confinement.


Fallout 76 Gets Beta Dates, Intro Video

Vault 76 will be opening a little early for those pre-order Fallout 76. Dates for the Break-It Early Test Application have been announced alongside the reveal of the game’s opening cinematic.

Fallout 76 Discovers Atomics for Peace

Just because the bombs have dropped doesn’t mean more can’t. The next video in the You Will Emerge! series details just how players can, and likely will, use nukes.

Find Friends in New Fallout 76 Trailer

Start saving those bottle caps; Bethesda’s online Fallout title is coming out mid-November. A new trailer highlight player’s ability to explore the wasteland with friends.