Neptunia Virtual Stars Gets New English Screenshots, Info

Idea Factory International released new screenshots and details for the upcoming western release of Neptunia Virtual Stars. The update covers the game’s BeatTik and Video Battler systems, plus MoE Accessories and the Cloud and NeoTube Plaza locations.

BeatTik is a rhythm mini-game where players tap buttons in time to the directions on screen while the playable V-Idols and Goddesses dance to the music. By getting high scores players can unlock new stages and songs, plus the ability to add a second dancer. The Video Battler lets players create items from their recorded BeatTik videos, with each video granting up to five items. Higher scores for the BeatTik video will grant rarer items. MoE Accessories are one type of item that the Video Battler can generate. Up to three accessories can be placed on each character, with players able to select the placement and size of each accessory. They will be visible in dungeons, event scenes, and BeatTiks.

The Cloud is a management facility where Neptunia and the other goddesses base themselves in the game. It acts as the main hub from where players can head out to explore different areas. NeoTube Plaza is another hub filled with shops and other facilities. It includes access to special missions and the BeatTik mode.

Neptunia Virtual Stars will launch on PlayStation 4 in North America on March 2, 2021, and in Europe on March 5, 2021. A worldwide PC release will follow on March 29, 2021.



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