RPG Cast – Episode 578: “Sorry, I Just Don’t Care”

Alex looks so good he must be rendered. Robert rickrolls all the things. Kelley is our Neptunian Angel. Chris is getting ready to Rise, but first he must Ryza.

Question of the Week
What’s your biggest gaming regret?

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10 Responses

  1. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    My biggest RPG regret is FFXII. I skipped the whole PS1 era and after enjoying FF1-6, X was amazing! Then I excitedly got 12… nope. The battle system, the open world, just the feel of that game was such a departure from what I’d been used to. I beat it, regreted spending time in my life to do so and haven’t touched the IP since.

    It’s only been in recent times that I’ve been talked into buying FFIX and shall one day try it on Switch.

  2. MilesDeHalo MilesDeHalo says:

    My biggest gaming regret… about 13 years ago I moved back to my home town. I went over to my Grandma’s house, gathered up all of the complete in box N64 games from my childhood (Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Star Fox 64 w/ the rumble pack, etc. etc…), went to a used game store and traded all of that stuff for a used, greatest hits copy of Chrono Cross, which I have never played but still have. I am reminded of that bone-headed decision every time I hear someone on a podcast or w/e mention Chrono Cross.

    I do still have the childhood N64 so I guess that’s something…

  3. Draken Draken says:

    Hi everyone at RPGamer. Long time listener here – first time poster. Sorry for making my first post about something technical, but I wanted to see if anyone could help me out.

    Over the years, I’d say that maybe 10% of the podcasts I have listened to from RPGamer have had a looping error for me. Whether I get the podcast from the iTunes podcast app, or directly from the site, some episodes will loop roughly the first 30 minutes or so over and over until the end. For example, on this week’s podcasts, the conversation about BravelyDefault2 can be heard repeated several times until the show just stops.

    From the lack of comments about this issue, I always just assumed it was a unique bug on my end. However, I listen to several podcasts each week, and this is the only one that gives me any problems. I can’t be the only one noticing this, can I? Has anyone out there encountered this? Any fixes?

    Thanks for all the hard work. I’ve always enjoyed the show. Well… the parts I can actually get to hear.

    • sabin sabin says:

      Hey Draken!
      Some questions for you.
      * Are you seeing the issue on your computer, your phone, or both?
      * Does it work for you in any other podcast apps?
      * If it’s a portable device can you see if it happens on another network like a friends or public wifi (when it’s safe to test that)?

      • Draken Draken says:

        Hi Sabin! Thanks for getting back to me!
        – The issue is in the apple podcasts download, iPhone safari browser, and computer browsers.
        – I only use the Apple podcast app, so it has not been checked with other apps.
        – I have tried it with my phone, home computer, work computer, etc. All have the same problem.

        In addition, the browser player at the top of this page has the same problem (click play and drag near the end to hear it cut off), and even the download under the player has the problem (even after being right-clicked and saved to my drive).

        It’s not possible I’m the only one having this problem. So many files have had this same error. I’m just shocked no one has reported it before 🙁

    • Krull Krull says:

      I used to get this looping problem on the Backtracks regularly. More than 10% of the time when I download through Apple’s Podcasts app. Usually OK if I stream the podcast from the site itself, though.

      • Draken Draken says:

        Thanks Krull. It’s good to know I’m not the only person noticing it 🙂
        How do you listen to the podcast usually? Even the webplayer above and download link have the messed up audio for me.

        • Krull Krull says:

          I use Apple podcasts almost exclusively. Oddly, I had no issues with this last RPGCast.

          Sometimes it sorts itself out if I delete the podcast and download it again. But not always. Then I’ll try just streaming it from the web page, and that’s usually OK.

          • Draken Draken says:

            Thanks for the info. It sounds like we’re listening to the show in roughly the same manner. I thought for a moment that maybe my browser had incorrectly cached the file, so I opened up the ancient version of IE that I never use, downloaded the mp3 file fresh from the link above, but it still has the issue. At this point, I can’t really see this being an error on my end, but something server related…? maybe? Hopefully it can be fixed in future episodes.

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    Skipping the Monster Hunter series of games for so long until the wait for the PC version of MHWorld led me to buy MH4U on 3DS to pass the time.
    Before then I had only played the demos of 3 and 4 and was sort of luke warm to them. World was gonna be my jumping on point. But playing 4U not only made me realize what I’d been missing but also that MH has crap demos that don’t do their games justice to newcomers. Fighting the same monster over and over *is* boring when there’s no payoff/loot/Monster drops to make new armors and weapons/progression. Now I’ve played MH4U, MHGU, MHW and Iceborne, and I recently got MH3U on Wii U that I plan on playing through once I’ve gone through all of Rise’s available content, have myself all the great I like/want, and am waiting for their next new content updates. 😀
    If only I could go back to my younger self and drop a copy on Monster Hunter for PS2 on him, I could’ve been enjoying this series for so much longer ^^;;;

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