The Computer Brings Paranoia to Computers

French studio Cyanide has announced that it will be releasing a video game adaptation of tabletop RPG Paranoia. Paranoia: The Official Video Game is being developed by Cyanide in conjunction with Irish studio Black Shamrock, and will be released for PC and consoles, though no date has been provided.

Created by Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, and Eric Goldberg, Paranoia is a humorous tabletop RPG set in a dytopian future where player death is a very frequent result of even minor transgressions. Players are put into the role of Troubleshooters, agents tasked by AI overseer The Computer with hunting down potential threats to Alpha Complex, with the players themselves often also being part of those treasonous threats. Each player has access to multiple clones, which replace them and allow the player to continue in the certain event of their death.


Alex Fuller

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