Happiness Is Mandatory for Paranoia’s 2019 Release

Bigben Interactive has released the debut trailer for Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory, the upcoming videogame adaptation of the tabletop RPG Paranoia. The trailer introduces Alpha Complex, humanity’s last refuge, which is operated under the guidance of the Computer.

In Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory, players operate a team of four Troubleshooters, solving problems and threats to Alpha Complex, but always under the watchful eye of the Computer, who will readily eliminate anyone exhibiting what might be construed as treacherous behaviour. There are sixteen specialisations available to characters, and those who die, a common occurrence given the wide scope of actions that may be considered treasonous, may be replaced by clones. The cloning system acts as a way to progress characters. The game will feature a tactical, real-time-with-pause combat system.

Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory is being developed by French studio Cyanide and Irish studio Black Shamrock. The game is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2019.




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