Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

Based on the humorous tabletop RPG created by Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, and Eric Goldberg, which is set in a dytopian future where player death is a very frequent result of even minor transgressions.

Bigben Interactive
Cyanide Studio
Black Shamrock
Bigben Interactive
Cyanide Studio
Black Shamrock
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Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory Pushed to November

Friend Computer regrets to inform readers that traitors have infiltrated Alpha Complex and delayed Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory. Rest assured that our best Troubleshooters are on the case, and the game will successfully launch soon.

Happiness Is Mandatory for Paranoia’s 2019 Release

Friend Computer would like to remind RPGamers that a Paranoia videogame is planned for this year. This is of course news to celebrate; those doing otherwise are clearly traitors and will be dealt with accordingly.

The Computer Brings Paranoia to Computers

Your friend Computer is pleased to announce another way to sample the paradise of Alpha Complex. It hopes that this news will result in your continued loyalty and remove any potential need to grind you into a fine pulp in future.