Author: Charalampos Papadimitriou

Trails of Cold Steel III Interview & Impression

With Trails of Cold Steel III releasing on PC and Switch this Spring, we talked with Ruud van de Moosdijk and Peter “Durante” Thoman about the creation those ports. We delve deeply into Peter’s obsession with variable penumbra shadows, and Ruud’s fondness for textured triangles.

Asgard’s Wrath E3 Impression

Asgard’s Wrath is a fully-fledged VR RPG coming later this year to Oculus Rift. RPGamer’s Charalampos Papadimitriou was able to check out the game’s E3 demo, which sees players controlling a god with the power to possess mortal beings.

ESA Foundation E3 Interview

E3 may, on the face of it, be primarily about the games, but it’s also the opportunity for organisations to make their mark on the industry. Charalampos Papadimitriou was able to talk to the ESA Foundation’s Executive Director, Anastasia Staten, about its work on inclusivity in gaming and underrepresented populations.

No Straight Roads E3 Impression

No Straight Roads is a unique combination of action adventure, rhythm, and character progression coming to PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. RPGamer’s Charalampos Papadimitriou took some time to check the game out at E3.

Project Witchstone E3 Impression

RPGamer’s Charalampos Papadimitriou was able to pay a visit to the IndieCade booth at this year’s E3, where he was drawn to Spearhead Games’ Project Witchstone. He reports back on the early development demo he was able to check out for the upcoming sandbox RPG.

Dark Devotion E3 Impression

Dark Devotion is not just another Souls-like, as it steers away from copying the source and instead does its own thing as a 2D platformer. That said, this PC indie title still brings the many of the staples fans of Souls games want, but with lovely pixel art.