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Oninaki Review

Oninaki is an action RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory with themes about death and reincarnation. Is the game a powerful exploration of heavy topics or does it simply wallow in darkness?

Oninaki Out Now

Tokyo RPG Factory’s action RPG Oninaki is out now on PC, PS4, and Switch. A launch trailer introduces its main characters and shows a bit of combat.

Oninaki Gets Another Batch of Daemonic Videos

Square Enix has some more Japanese gameplay videos for Oninaki ahead of its release next week. This set of videos introduces the Daemons Izana, Lucica, Gavod, and Aisha.

Oninaki Shows More Daemons

Square Enix has released some more Daemon-focused videos for the upcoming action RPG Oninaki. This trio of trailers introduce Wil, Zaav, and Trieze.

Oninaki Demo Now Available

With Oninaki set to release in a month’s time, Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory have released a demo for the game. The demo includes the start of the game’s story, as well as a battle mode that lets players try out multiple job roles.

Oninaki to Release in August

Oninaki’s previously-revealed Japanese August 22, 2019, release date is now a worldwide one. The game received a new trailer during Square Enix’s E3 presentation, as well as some fresh screenshots.

New Tokyo RPG Factory Title Announced

A new title from I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear developer Tokyo RPG Factory has been announced. In a change to the developer’s previous titles, Oninaki is an action RPG.

Lost Sphear Review

Though Tokyo RPG Factory’s first offering was a competent game in its own right, it didn’t quite hit all of its notes. Does the studio’s sophomore effort do a better job on delivering a quality throwback experience?

Tokyo RPG Factory’s Lost Sphear Out Now

The second title from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory is now available in North America and Europe. RPGamers on PS4, Switch, and PC can now check out the attempted throwback to classic JRPGs.

I Am Setsuna Review

Coming off the E3 show floor, amid all the flashy bits and games vying for presence, a little RPG from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory commanded a lot of attention. Now, on the other side of the twenty-or-so-hour game, it seems as though those cursory comparisons were a bit misleading over the long haul.