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Scarlet Nexus Story Demo Released

A new story demo is now available for Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus. Meanwhile, a new update adds an additional lower difficulty option to the action RPG.

Scarlet Nexus Third DLC Out Now

The third post-launch DLC for Scarlet Nexus is out now alongside a new free update. The DLC delves further into Karen Travers’ backstory, while the update adds a new difficulty setting and a photo mode.

New Scarlet Nexus DLC Released

Bandai Namco released its second paid DLC for Scarlet Nexus. Bond Enhancement Pack 2 adds new costumes and Bond Episodes, with a free update providing some further additions.

Scarlet Nexus Demo Out on PC

PC RPGamers can now get a taste of Scarlet Nexus. The game’s demo, previously released on consoles, is now available on Steam.

Scarlet Nexus Review

Scarlet Nexus sees players joining future humanity’s forces and using special powers to fight against the monstrous Others. For a new IP, Bandai Namco has a winner on its hands.

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RPG Cast – Episode 591: “Save the Baby? Eat the Baby?”

Alex, Anna Marie, Chris, and Kelley come together to discuss the news of the week. #JRPGJuly is well underway for everyone on the cast. Anna Marie makes every evil choice she can. Alex dives into Anime: The Game. Chris shouldn’t be playing Elder Scrolls Online because his arm hurts, and yet he still is? Meanwhile, we lost Kelley somewhere in the wastelands when she wandered off to hug all the monsties.

Scarlet Nexus Demo Announced

Scarlet Nexus is getting a demo. It will be available first on Xbox consoles next week, with PlayStation consoles getting it seven days later.

Bandai Namco Shows Scarlet Nexus Opening

Scarlet Nexus is out next month and Bandai Namco is preparing for the launch by showing off the opening cinematic movie. The action RPG follows dual protagonists through a world of mutants and enhanced humans.

Scarlet Nexus Gets New Gameplay Footage

Bandai Namco released two new gameplay videos for Scarlet Nexus. The footage shows protagonists Yuito and Kasane fighting in a hospital and museum, respectively.