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Dragonborne Shipping on Nintendo Game Boy in January

RPGamers have the opportunity to purchase a brand new Game Boy RPG. Spacebot Interactive is offering physical cartridges of Dragonborne, with pre-orders open from now until the end of November.

Magical Houshin Review

We all have backlogs, games that have sat on dusty shelves for months or years, waiting for their time to play. Are they worth the wait? Not always, but they make for good New Year’s resolutions.

Atelier Marie, Elie, & Anis: Soyokaze no Dengon Import Review

The Atelier series is as long and varied as any big name lineage of games can be. With so many titles over so many years, it’s always interesting to see how things have changed. Alchemy is an ever-changing discipline, and the mix of ingredients is never the same twice, after all.

Dragon Quest Monsters III: Caravan Heart Retroview

‘Twas the dark of the moon on the 3rd of June with a wagon hauling logs, an eggplant thing with muffler on, and a blue slime in the cogs. We were loaded for bear on the high road, about a mile out of Moonbrooke Town. I said, “Hey Big Frank, this here’s the Tank, and we’re about to flame the Dragon Lord down.” Cause we’ve got a little ol’ caravan rolling through the night. We’ve got a little ol’ caravan, ain’t she a beautiful sight. Come on and join our caravan; ain’t nothing going to get in our way. We’re gonna roll this truckin’ caravan across to Alefgard.

Car Battler Joe Retroview

I’m not braggin’ babe so don’t put me down, but I’ve got the fastest set of wheels in town. When somethin’ comes up to me you don’t even try, ’cause if she had a set of wings I know she could fly. She’s my little deuce coup, you don’t know what I’ve got.
409 or Little Honda are also appropriate.

Dragon Quest Slime Morimori Retroview

How many kinds of slime are there? This game makes clear that they come in cyber, mini, ninja, maxi, stylish, and mustachioed varieties, just to name a few. Slimes can float through the air – who knew?

CIMA: The Enemy Retroview

Once upon a time, someone had the novel idea that making an entire game based around escorting people through dungeons would be worthwhile. Whether this idea was unadulterated brilliance or sub-moronic foolishness seems to be in the eye of the beholder.
Exactly why is CIMA all-caps? No one ever addresses it.

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Retroview

Apparently Goku is vulnerable to bank robbers and can fly for only a few seconds before getting tired. That’s one way to make him less intimidating, I suppose. Death by snakebite? Really?

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II Retroview

The Super Saiyan is reputed to be the strongest warrior in the cosmos, but in this game one of them can be easily killed by alligators. You learn something new every day. His name is Mister Satan. I have never considered him Hercule.

Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury Retroview

More mysteries of the Dragon Ball universe revealed! See – characters forget they can fly to escape a self-destructing vessel! See – criminals who can put up a fight with Super Saiyans! See – Majin Buu wait patiently for characters to gain enough levels to fight him! All in this game! Let’s face it, Satan City is cooler than anything Hercule.

Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword Retroview

In the dark of the night, every time I turn the light, I feel my friends are off to heaven, in the dark of the night. I wonder why we waste our lives here, when we could run away to paradise, but I am caught in some invisible vice and I can’t get away, to live and die every day.

Chocovader: Invaders from Beyond Retroview

There is more to the world than what you see. There is truth out there that cannot be believed. Here’s a game that wants the world to know, we are not alone. And what a weird world it is.

DemiKids Review

This is a game that didn’t know if it wanted to be Pokemon or Shin Megami Tensei, and it’s a game with an identity crisis. Fact is, even if it were attempting to not be either of those things, it’s still not a well put together game by any means.

Final Fantasy VI Advance Review

With less than a week until release, RPGamer takes a look at the latest Final Fantasy port. Let’s gather together to stop Kefka one more time.

Final Fantasy V Advance Review

Embrace the nostalgia of the Super Nintendo days with the latest release of Final Fantasy V. If you missed its release for the PlayStation, or even if you didn’t, return to the world where crystals mean everything.