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Magus Review

Magus puts players in the role of a prisoner as they ascend to godhood. But would you really want be a god when your potential followers are this incompetent?

Ragnarok Tactics Review

After the release of one Ragnarok Online spin-off, the second has followed closely behind. Will Ragnarok Tactics be on the end of a better reception than its sibling?

Agarest: Generations of War 2 Review

Staff attempts at playing through the previous games in the Agarest series met with failure, but victory has been attained at the third time of asking. Was it all worth it?

Fate/Extra Review

Longtime Type-Moon fans are going to like this no matter what we say. Archer’s in it! Saber has a -red- dress! Seriously though, Fate/EXTRA is an interesting study in classifying games. How does it succeed as an RPG? How does it succeed as something else entirely? What would it be like as a story instead of as a game? Dust. Wind. Dude.

From the Abyss Review

Some things should never escape from the abyss. Is this game one of them? RPGamer peers into the darkness with this staff review.