RPGamer Round-Up: July 9 – July 16

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where we look back at some of the articles that we have posted over the previous week. This article is designed to give reminders of some interesting content and stories that our readers might have missed.


Editorial Content

Highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI exceeds many of its expectations. With its focus on action and world building, Luis Mauricio finds its spellbinding tale of Eikons makes for a magnificent entry for fans and newcomers alike.

Soulvars is a turn-based skill where swapping mechanics similar to a deck of cards make its primary entertainment value. Unfortunately, Jared Prewitt finds the lack of story and character development provides a hollow experience.

Keen Games’s latest project Enshrouded is set to arrive on Steam Early Access later this year. RPGamer was able to get an early hands-off look at the survival action RPG.

Being forced against your will to perform in dramas is it’s own kind of personal hell. But what happens if you refuse to play your role? Sam Wachter checks out otome title Charade Maniacs and hopefully doesn’t meet her Dead End.

A broken arm allowed for some solid gaming time throughout the months of April to June. How many games did Sam knock out of her backlog?

The first week of #JRPGJuly is in the books. Let’s see how things are starting out for the RPGamer staff with their chosen games.


Major News

Shakespearean magical girl RPG This Way Madness Lies is coming to consoles. The game will release on Switch in a couple of weeks, with a PS5 release to follow.

Sting revealed that its remaster of Yggdra Union is releasing in the west on Switch in a couple of weeks as its English PC release exits Early Access. Meanwhile, the developer teased another possible remaster on Riviera: The Promised Land’s 21st anniversary in Japan.

Focus Entertainment and Don’t Nod revealed that Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden will release in November. The supernatural action RPG takes players to a fictional version of the 17th century American wilds.

Aspyr and Beamdog announced a full release date for MythForce. The first-person action roguelite will exit Early Access on PC and head to consoles this September.

Atlus revealed new information in Japan for Persona 5 Tactica. The update includes more details on the tactical spin-off’s story and gameplay.

Nihon Falcom provided some more information for Ys X: Nordics. The latest update introduces another quartet of characters, as well as its new island capture battles.

Square Enix provided some more details about Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Players will be able to assist Psaro’s efforts to become a Monster Wrangler this December.

DANGEN Entertainment revealed it is publishing two more RPGs. RoadOut combines dungeon exploration and racing mechanics, while Pry Into the Void is a bleak turn-based monster-taming RPG with horror elements.



Other News and Trailers


Nippon Ichi’s flagship series brought a divisive new feature to aid with level grinding. Is it helpful? Does it ruin the game? Chris, Pascal, and Wheels all hop on to argue about Disgaea 6 and its robust A.I. system.

Matt makes twenty slices of toast. Josh is still fighting sewer rat six. Kelley’s dog is NOT a baby. And Chris saves E3 with the power of… no… he can’t do it. No GEX allowed.

This week in Q&A Quest, we discuss all things Final Fantasy XVI. We also discuss recent Activision Blizzard news.


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