Ys X: Nordics Introduces Further Characters, Island Capture

Nihon Falcom released more information and images for action RPG Ys X: Nordics. The newest update introduces another four characters, as well as its island capture battles and a few other gameplay elements.

The first of the characters introduced is Grimson Balta. The 40-year-old father of main heroine Karja, he leads the Balta Navy in the Obelia Bay archiplegao. He is highly charismatic, able to control his rowdy sailors and conduct political talks with the Romun Empire, and is able to freely control the berserker fighting style of the Norman people. The second character is Gunnar, the 29-year-old head warrior who serves under Grimson. He leads the Balta Navy’s second fleet and is known for making rational decisions.



The third character is the raven Hugill, who decided to live on Balta Island, the main base for the Balta Navy. He is very curious and enjoys playing pranks, but is treated well by the sailors who believe he is watching over them on behalf of the chief god Haar. Finally, doctor Flair Rall is a recurring character in the series. After the events of Ys II, he decides to travel with Adol to find the seeds of the Celceta flower, which is said to help cure otherwise incurable diseases.

In addition to battles on the sea, Ys X: Nordics will give players the opportunity to recapture islands that have been taken over by the apparently immortal Griegers. Upon approaching one of the islands, which are signified with a barrier around them, players can start these special multi-phase battles. The first phase features a naval battle where players will need to destroy the pillars generating the barrier, before disembarking on the island and fighting against numerous enemies on land to conquer the enemy base.



By completing various naval battles, players will be able to raise their sailors’ energy levels. This in turn, makes it easier to activate their special skills when taking back islands, as well as granting additional bonuses in the land fighting phase. After recapturing an island, players will be given a rank based on their performance and rewards associated with the rank. Players will also be able to use that island as a fast-travel point in their adventures.

Elsewhere in the game, Hugill will occasionally visit Adol and Karja’s ship, bringing messages. These include scrolls sent by the Balta Navy and requests for help from various townsfolk. Some of these messages will lead to new quests and sub-stories.

Ys X: Nordics takes place between the events of Ys I & II and Ys: Memories of Celceta. The game features two combat modes: Solo Mode and Combination Mode. Solo Mode plays similarly to previous titles, with players controlling one character while the AI controls the other. Combination Mode, meanwhile, has players fight with both Adol and Carja at the same time. Ys X: Nordics is planned to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28, 2023, with no announcement made regarding a western release. Those looking to read more about previous Ys titles can check out RPGamer’s earlier Where to Start? guide on the series.


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