New Release Round-Up (July 13, 2023)

Welcome to RPGamer’s new release round-up. In this column we look to provide our readers with details on all of the RPGs released over the week. Please note we do not currently include Early Access releases where the game is still in development.

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Developer: Gust
Available: Steam, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop
Price: $49.99

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg is a remake of the first game in the Atelier series, with the original game first released for PlayStation in Japan in 1997 and not previously released in English. The game follows Marlone (aka Marie), an alchemy student in the city of Salburg, who is given her own workshop and five years to prove herself. The remake includes new 3D graphics, an expanded tutorial with additional gameplay guidance, adjusted mini-game controls, new events, and balance adjustments. It also adds a new Unlimited Mode, which removes the game’s five-year graduation deadline. A Digital Deluxe Edition also includes a full, newly localised port of its earlier Atelier Marie Plus: The Alchemist of Salburg release, which includes additional content originally added in its Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions, plus costumes and a background music pack. Those looking to read more about Atelier Marie Remake can check out Paul Shkreli’s impression of a PC build.

Chaos Galaxy

Platform: Nintendo Switch (previously released on PC)
Publisher: Eastasiasoft
Developer: Han Zhiyu
Available: Nintendo eShop
Price: $19.99 (15% launch discount)

Chaos Galaxy is a retro-styled RPG with grand strategy elements and originally released for PC in 2020. It sees players controlling one of four major fleets in the Galactic Empire after it falls apart and breaks out in civil war.

Jagged Alliance 3

Platform: PC
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Haemimont Games
Available: Steam,
Price: $49.99 (20% pre-purchase discount)

Strategy title Jagged Alliance 3 features new RPG elements for the series, including character levels, perks, loot, and equipment. The game’s campaign sees players fighting for control over territories, training local forces, and establishing multiple squads as they control a mercenary force in the country of Grand Chien, which is in chaos following the rise of a brutal regime known as the Legion.

Sea Horizon

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (previously released on PC, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher: Eastasiasoft
Developer: 45 Studio, Softstar Entertainment
Available: PlayStation Store, Xbox Store
Price: $14.99 (20% launch discount)

Sea Horizon is a turn-based RPG featuring roguelike, survival, and deckbuilding elements. The game is set on the land of Myrihyn, which has been shattered into numerous islands. Players explore the islands by ship, aiming to stop an invasion by the Dark Fiend. The game’s turn-based combat is said to be inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering, using dice-based mechanics that determine the resources available to the player on each turn.

Testament: The Order of High Human

Platform: PC
Publisher: Fairyship Games
Developer: Fairyship Games
Available: Steam, Epic Games Store,
Price: $34.99 (15% launch discount)

“First-person Metroidvania action-adventure” Testament: The Order of High Human takes place in the fantasy land of Tessara and follows Aran, the king of the High humans. Serving as guardian of the realm, Aran is betrayed by his brother Arva and robbed of his powers as the world is plagued by darkness and monsters. Players control Aran as he seeks to regain his powers, developing their fighting style through a mixture of sword, bow, and magic abilities. The game will also feature puzzle and platforming sections. A console release is also planned.

The Valiant

Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S (previously released on PC)
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Kite Games
Available: PlayStation Store, Xbox Store
Price: $24.99

The Valiant is a mix of action, RTS, and RPG set in Europe and the Middle East in the 13th century. It follows former crusader Theoderich von Akenburg, who is dragged back into conflict when a monk tells him that an artifact Theoderich and his former ally Ulrich von Grevel uncovered years prior contains untold power.

Touhou: New World

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: XSEED Games
Developer: Ankake Spa
Available: Steam, Nintendo eShop
Price: $24.99 (10% launch discount)

Action RPG Touhou: New World is a new doujin title based on the shoot ’em up franchise set in the world of Gensokyo, which is home to humans and youkai spirits. It sees the boundary between Gensokyo and the outside world being breached, with Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame setting out to discover why. The game features top-down action combat with enemies able to unleash fountains of projectiles, while players can level up skills and upgrade their health and other attributes while customise Reimu and Marisa to suit their playstyle. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions are set to be released in September 2023.

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