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New Release Round-Up (May 23, 2024)

A busy May continues with plenty of new releases. Launches this week include Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, System Shock, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, Crown Wars: The Black Prince, and more.

New Release Round-Up (May 16, 2024)

It’s a busier than expected release week. New titles include Dread Delusion, Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution, Touhou Genso Wanderer -Foresight-, The Land Beneath Us, and more.

New Release Round-Up (May 2, 2024)

It’s a lighter release week this time around. Front Mission 2: Remake comes to PC and additional consoles, Loop Hero hits mobile, and Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya brings some restaurant management to Switch.

New Release Round-Up (April 25, 2024)

After a few quieter weeks we are back with another major release rush. Highlights include Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, SaGa Emerald Beyond, Stellar Blade, Sand Land, and more.

New Release Round-Up (April 18, 2024)

New releases this week include VR action RPG Soul Covenant, tactical RPG Dream Tactics, and pixel-graphic action RPG Kingsgrave. Dave the Diver also makes its way to PlayStation consoles.

New Release Round-Up (April 11, 2024)

This week features debuts for Broken Roads and Withering Rooms, while tactical roguelite Inkbound exits Early Access. In addition, Moonglow Bay arrives on PlayStation consoles and Switch.

New Release Round-Up (March 21, 2024)

This week features a few big hitters with Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Rise of the Ronin. Final Fantasy XIV, Horizon Forbidden West, and The Legend of Legacy hit new platforms, with a few more titles also debuting.

New Release Round-Up (March 14, 2024)

A busy week includes debuts for Death of a Wish, Stolen Realm, Goblin Stone, and Empyre: Earls of the Deep Earth. There are also new platforms for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, Rainbow Moon, and more.

New Release Round-Up (March 7, 2024)

A fairly hefty week for releases is led by Unicorn Overlord and The Thaumaturge. OTher debuts include Zoria: Age of Shattering, Blade Prince Academy, and Potions: A Curious Tale.

New Release Round-Up (February 29, 2024)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the obvious spotlight takes this week, but there are plenty of others making their debuts. A new Shiren the Wanderer graces Switch, while The Witch of Fern Island and Evering exit Early Access, Tamarak Trail offers some dicebuilding, and more.

New Release Round-Up (February 22, 2024)

A decent set of new releases this week include Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story and Inkulinati. Meanwhile, Last Epoch and Stories from the Outbreak exit Early Access, with other titles making new platform debuts.

New Release Round-Up (February 15, 2024)

This week features the release of Don’t Nod’s Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. Meanwhile, Banchou Tactics comes to Switch, Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World gets a western debut, Trails of Cold Steel III and IV get dedicated PS5 versions, and more.

New Release Round-Up (February 8, 2024)

It’s a lighter week before a veritable flood in the rest of the month. Pixel Noir finally exits Early Access on Steam, while The Inquisitor comes to PC and consoles, with a few other releases also arriving.

New Release Round-Up (February 1, 2024)

We have some more major early year releases with Persona 3 Reload and Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Meanwhile, Hellcard and Moonbreaker exit Early Access, and the first Lunar game comes to Android.

New Release Round-Up (January 25, 2024)

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth leads out this week’s new releases. Meanwhile, Atelier Resleriana gets its international launch, Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters comes to Switch, and more.

New Release Round-Up (January 18, 2024)

New titles this week include Atlast Wept, Immortal Life, and Sovereign Syndicate. Meanwhile, Legend of Grimrock comes to Switch and Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: The Thrilling Steamy Maze gets an English release on PC.

New Release Round-Up (January 11, 2024)

It’s an understandably lighter week to kick off 2024. Momodora: Moonlit Farewell and Crystal Story: Dawn of Dusk make their debuts on Steam, while Crystal Project and Frogsong arrive on Switch.

New Release Round-Up (December 21, 2023)

There’s a small set of new launches to round out the year. Snowman Story comes to Steam, Loot River comes to PlayStation, and Cygnus Enterprises exits Steam Early Access.

New Release Round-Up (December 14, 2023)

Trinity Fusion is the primary new debutant this week, though plenty of other titles also reach new platforms. Baldur’s Gate III, Bear and Breakfast, and Palia are among those within reach of more RPGamers.