New Release Round-Up (July 28, 2022)

Welcome to RPGamer’s new release round-up. In this column we look to provide our readers with details on all of the RPGs released over the week. Please note we do not currently include Early Access releases where the game is still in development.

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards

Platform: PlayStation 4 (previously released on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher: Digiart Interactive
Developer: Digiart Interactive, N-Fusion Interactive
Available: PlayStation Store
Price: $9.99 (other platform pricing reduced to same amount)

Action RPG Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards is based on Incan mythology and The World of Aluna comic book series created by Paula Garces. The game stars Aluna, the daughter of a Spanish conquistador and South American nature goddess Pachamama. After being raised in early 16th century Spain, Aluna travels to South America and embarks on a quest to restore her mother’s amulet. Those looking to read about about the game can check out Ryan Costa’s review of the Nintendo Switch version.

Digimon Survive

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: Bandai Namco, HYDE
Available: Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop (pages not yet available)
Price: $59.99

Digimon Survive is a tactical RPG that follows a group of teenagers who get get lost on a school camping trip and end up in the digital world. It will have three story routes available in the first playthrough with a fourth hidden route unlocked after the game is completed once. The game features a mixture of visual novel investigative sections and tactical combat, with player choices determining their Karma score across three attirbutes.

Lost Epic

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Publisher: One or Eight
Developer: Team Earth Wars
Available: Steam, PlayStation Store
Price: $24.99 on Steam, $22.26 on PlayStation Store

Side-scrolling action RPG Lost Epic is set during a war between humanity and the gods. Players control a knight known as the God Slayer, exploring the world of Sanctum while looking to defeat the Pantheon of Six. Players can customise their character build by upgrading stats and abilities based on their preferred weapon. The game had been in Early Access since 2021.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Platform: iOS, Android
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix, Acquire
Available: Apple App Store, Google Play Store
Price: Free-to-play

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is a prequel that takes place a few years before the events of Octopath Traveler. The game is a single-player turn-based RPG that features the same “HD-2D” graphics from the original title and lets players form a party of up to eight characters to use in battles, with 64 characters available at launch. Those looking to read more about Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent can check out RPGamer’s interview with producer Hirohito Suzuki and composer Yasunori Nishiki.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Platform: PlayStation 4 (previously released on PC, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous
Developer: Marvelous
Available: PlayStation Store
Price: $39.99 (10% PS Plus discount)

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is the latest title in the Bokujo Monogatari/Story of Seasons franchise. The game sends players to Olive Town, a frontier seaside town where they attempt to restore their grandfather’s farm. Those looking to read more about Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town can check out Sam Wachter’s review of the Nintendo Switch version.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia

Platform: PC
Publisher: Mastiff
Developer: Actual Nerds
Available: Steam,
Price: $24.99 (10% launch discount)

2D action RPG The Tarnishing of Juxtia puts players in the role of the eponymous goddess’ final creation. They are tasked with taking vengeance on those responsible for unleashing a plague called the Tarnishing, ultimately facing the Shadow God Drelium of Crescentpeak. Players travel across two ruined kingdoms to restore order, customizing their play style with different weapons and armor sets alongside ability-granting relics. It features an Energy Rush system that encourages players to take risks by landing consecutive hits to boost stamina and mana regeneration.

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister

Platform: PC
Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment
Developer: Arc System Works
Available: Steam,
Price: $19.99

Tactical RPG Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister is a sequel to Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions, with development on both titles led by Fire Emblem creator Shouzou Kaga. The game takes place a year after the events of the first game and follows Zade as he becomes embroiled in a new conflict. Those looking to read more about Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister can check out RPGamer’s impression of the game, while DANGEN Entertainment also released a video playthrough of its first chapter.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Monolith Soft
Available: Nintendo eShop
Price: $59.99

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set in a world that connects the futures of the settings of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It follows protagonists Noah and Mio as they navigate the hostilities between the nations of Keves and Agnus. Noah is a soldier from Keves, while Mio is a soldier from Agnus, both of whom are joined by allies from their side.

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