Outward DLC Showcased in New Dev Diary

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots Studio have released the latest developer diary video for their action RPG Outward. The content being addressed is the upcoming DLC The Soroboreans, which will include the eponymous Soroborean faction of traders and academics along with the Antique Plateau region with new creatures and dungeons. Players can expect a heftier challenge, as the Scourge has infested the Antique Plateau, exposing players to the damaging effects of Corruption. Other new features include the new Hex Mage and Speedster skill trainers, the gauntlet weapon type, and an enchantment system for weapons and armor.

Outward was released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019 and puts players in the role of a vulnerable inhabitant of the fantasy world of Aurai. The game includes hardcore survival elements including wounds that can become infected plus the need for sleep and sustenance. It also features two-player cooperative multiplayer both locally and online.



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