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Second Outward DLC Announced

The Three Brothers is the second DLC for open-world survival RPG Outward. Alongside new quests and dungeons, players will be able to participate in a new city-building game mechanic.

First Outward DLC Announced

2019 survival action RPG Outward is getting its first DLC pack. The Soroboreans will add new enchanting and corruption systems when it launches in spring.

Outward Update Released on Consoles

Outward’s Permadeath, Postgame, and Poutine content pack is now available on consoles. The update includes hardcore mode, more endgame bosses, and the staple Canadian dish.

Outward Gets Free Update

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio have released a free update for Outward. The update is live now on PC, coming soon to consoles, and includes hardcore mode, more endgame bosses, and poutine.

Outward Impression

In Outward, the player is not some hero who is destined to save the world, but an ordinary person who needs to etch out a living in this harsh land. Phil Willis helps us determine if this is a life worth living, or better left behind.

Many Things Launch with Trailers

This week is an incredibly busy one for new releases, so, for our own sanity more than anything else, we have collected today’s flood of launch trailers into this single article. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, Grimshade, Trails of Cold Steel, Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists, Outward, Path of Exile, The Princess Guide, and Seven: Enhanced Edition are all out now.

Outward Set for March Release

Fantasy open-world survival RPG Outward now has a released date. Meanwhile, a new trailer shows some of the many dangers that await in Aurai.