Compile Heart Adds to Neptunia Series with VVVtunia

Compile Heart has announced a new entry in the Neptunia franchise titled VVVtunia which is being developed for PlayStation 4 and is planned to release in Japan in 2020. The announcement celebrates ten years of Neptunia games, and twenty-five years working with parent company Idea Factory. Below is the teaser announcement trailer for VVVtunia.

VVVtunia is a spin-off story set on planet EMO where a group of goddesses team up with the virtual idol group called Mewtral in order to save the digital world known as Virtual Land. Yuu and Mii are two of the six idols to be revealed by the publisher and players will be able to customize character costumes and accessories. There will be a “Beat Tik” system where characters can dance to musical beats, a “Douga Butler” system that allows players to scan a video that can be converted into an in-game item, and a mode where the cast create videos for viewers to enjoy.




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