RPGamer Round-Up: Jan. 20 – Jan. 27

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s newest column, where we take a quick look back at some of the articles we’ve posted throughout the week. This article is designed to help give reminders for some interesting editorial content and stories that our less regular visitors might have missed. We very much appreciate any feedback or comments on its usefulness.

Editorial Content

The RPGamer staff came together to reveal what their gaming goals are for 2019. We invite readers to let us know what you plan to achieve this year.

Etrian Odyssey Nexus arrives in North America and Europe in early February. Matt Masem had the chance to put some time into the final 3DS title of the series.

Michael Baker was able to spend some time with a new adventure RPG. He reports back on Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements ahead of its release in just a few days.

Sam Wachter provides a new edition of Adventure Corner with a look at Kathy Rain: A Detective Is Born. The adventure title was originally released in 2016 and is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

Major News

Image & Form Games has announced a new title in its SteamWorld series. SteamWorld Quest will be its first RPG, and is coming first to Switch later this year.

Hedgehags have been spotted in the air over Rhombus Square, and so a promise must be fulfilled. Radical Fish Games and Deck 13’s action RPG is heading to Switch this year.

Shiro Games released a pair of gaming history-tracing RPGs earlier this decade on PC. The developer is now bringing both Evoland and Evoland 2 to consoles.

Obsidian Entertainment is making some fairly hefty changes to Pillars of Eternity II‘s gameplay. Soon players will be able to switch from its original real-time-with-pause combat to a pure turn-based system.

The remake of the first Yakuza game now has a PC date. Yakuza Kiwami will be coming to Steam in just a few weeks.

Additional Selected Stories


Q&A Quest’s latest episode has a slight air of mystery to it. The known quantities include discussion on 2019’s upcoming games and host Michael Baker’s writing projects.

Kelley, Josh, Alex, and Pascal are Chris and Anna Marie’s guests for the latest RPGCast. The group discuss what they’ve been playing as well as the latest RPG news.


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