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  1. The Pokemon Johto theme? I still think the version from Pokemon the Movie 3 is superior:

    Fire Emblem Gaiden is considered the black sheep of the series, yet it seems it was near and dear to the heart of the director of the remake, Kenta Nakanishi. Perhaps that’s why Shadows of Valentia was such an incredible game. Have you heard of any other interesting cases of developers having a shine for the oddball or unpopular entry in game series they worked on?

  2. eternalyouth eternalyouth says:

    How important do you think Kingdom Hearts was for Square? At the time the company was in the midst of the titanic disaster that was Spirits Within. For better or..worse if you are not KH fan lol…its success might of been a catalyst for Enix feeling good abiut merger. And gave Square something outside if FF that could sell 7 figures in West.

    Do you think now that there is a clear audience that love the more casual Pokemon style games we might see them alternate between gen games and Lets Go style?

    And outside of wild pokemon being visible in Gen 8 what features from Lets Go would you like see exported uf any? Or a new idea you have personally you would love.

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