Mary Skelter 2 Receives More Characters, Info

Compile Heart has released new details, as well as new artwork, for its upcoming dungeon-crawler Mary Skelter 2. The information provides more background on the game’s setting, as well as introductions to various characters, many of whom return from the first game.

The game is set in a giant living being called the Jail, which suddenly appeared, sinking a city and creating an underground prison 666 metres deep. The Jail is made up of multiple areas, each with its own core guarded by monsters that act as jailers and are known as Nightmares. At the centre of the Jail is a growing tower that appears to be the only hope of escape for the Blood Maidens, a group of girls born in the Jail who have special powers and names based on folk tales. These Blood Maidens have managed to liberate an area in what was originally a subway that has been named the Hamelin Liberation District.

The first two characters, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, are the sisters of Thumbelina, who was detailed previously. Snow White is the second-oldest and generally respects her elder sister Thumbelina, but will turn hostile to her if Thumbelina starts acting more mercilessly. The youngest sister, Sleeping Beauty goes out of her way to try and be helpful and not cause trouble, often keeping her true thoughts to herself.

The next character, Cinderella, went missing when main protagonist Tsuu and the other Blood Maidens were young and is suspected of murder, though no details on this were revealed. After her are two returning characters from the first game. Red Riding Hood was the first Blood Maiden discovered by force aiming to escape the dungeon and therefore takes on older sister role to the other Blood Maidens. Meanwhile, Alice was imprisoned along with Jack, who has been transformed into a Nightmare in this game, and was rescued by Tsuu. Despite Jack’s transformation she maintains a close bond with him.

The final two characters are Mamoru and Hikari. Mamoru is encountered by the party in a cave, and the first ally Tsuu and the Little Mermaid gain. He does various support jobs at the Hamelin Liberated District. His childhood friend Hikari, meanwhile, works in the first-aid office of the Hamelin Liberated District.

On top of this, Compile Heart also revealed some information about the game’s combat, specifically on Tsuu and Jack. The two characters act in the same turn, and have two actions. Both action can be taken from either character, so players can use two actions from Tsuu, two from Jack, or one from each. Taking certain actions in combat may lead Jack to transforming into “Jack Ripper” mode, where he attacks indiscriminately before transforming back the following turn. As Jack and Tsuu share their consciousnesses, this is likely to lead to Tsuu entering her Blood Skelter mode the following turn.

Mary Skelter 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4 and is set to be released on June 28, 2018 in Japan. In addition to the sequel, which follows a new main protagonist but sees some important cast members return, the release will also include a remake of the first game that includes all the enhancements made to the various systems in the sequel.



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